Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twelve. Pip.

"Let's go see T dance in the Nutcracker!"

Once it started, Thomas was WAY upset that it wasn't the REAL Nutcracker - we've spoiled him by watching the Royal Ballet one on tape. But at least there was 'the battle' of sorts between the mice (jazz dancers) and the soldiers. That made him happy.

Even though it wasn't 'real', it was still fun and Christmas-y!

And the girl did brilliantly in both of her dances.
Bon Bons (jazz):

And the Waltz of the Flowers (ballet):

We're proud of her!


Amy said...

I love that last picture is great.

Where is T? I'm having a hard time picking her out.

kirsten said...

she's the 2nd from the left - i'll post a better one on flickr later.

kirsten said...

okay, duh, i meant 2nd from the right.