Saturday, December 19, 2009

nineteen. ollie.

"Happy Christmas! Let's try a fun English tradition!"

I've been saving this one for a day when we'd have enough time to do it right, and finally, today was the day. So Zach and I grabbed tissue paper, construction paper, markers, and some paper tubes I've been squirreling away, and we got to work. Soon the table was set for a party.

We played parlor games and told jokes. Zach's was, "What did one man say to the other man? Bah, humbug!" We're on a Christmas Carol kick.

There was a lot of toasting. The boy does love to clink glasses.

Zach wanted to make a crown for Mike, and said he could be the king. He spent the whole evening calling Mike "Your Majesty" and doing whatever he asked. Here Mike is ordering him to sit on the floor.

Our "crackers" didn't actually pop, but they were still fun to rip open. And then we could play with the loot!

We'll definitely be doing this one again. Happy Christmas to you!


kirsten said...

SO fun! What a good idea, and how cute is Zach sitting on the floor?!
(Zach, we love your shirt!)

kirsten said...

p.s. you're super cute, too!

Jennifer said...


Karen said...

I love the kazoo picture!

Jeanette and Jason said...

Awesome. Definatly a hit. I so wish we could have come.