Friday, December 18, 2009

Sixteen. Pip.

"I want to show you some reindeer!"

This was actually kind of lame because 1 - they're elk, not reindeer - but I couldn't resist. 2 - I was trying to swing by on the way to drop the girl at a dance rehearsal but it was farther away than I thought so we ended up on the far side away from the big group of them and 3 - we just stayed in the car.

BUT, during the rehearsal the boys and I went to the store and finally found gluten-free graham crackers! And everyone loved them! So Thomas got his first 'real' s'more! That should have been the treat that day. I over thought it.

It was sticky and delicious.


amy said...

Did you use marshmallow creme? It looks scrumptious.

Laughing a little at your reindeer encounter.

kirsten said...

big marshmallows, chocolate chips and a microwave.