Friday, January 1, 2010

twenty-five. ollie.

"Here's yer treasure map, matey!"

On Christmas morning Ollie helped us out with a little project Zach and I cooked up for Mike's gift, leading him on a treasure hunt for his gift, and making him do little things like shouting holiday greetings to the neighbors and giving his wife a kiss under the mistletoe.

Fun guy, that Ollie. We're so glad he's around.

Merry Christmas, all... and a very happy 2010.

twenty-two. ollie.

"Let's bring some love to a friend who may need it today!"

(We managed to lose Zach's card before we got to her house, but we did decorate her walker with the "candy" garland. And she was happy.)

twenty-one. ollie.

"Can we have a picnic under the Christmas tree tonight?"

And dinner led to a wrestling match between my guys. As it almost always does.

twenty. ollie.

"I'd like to hear some Christmas carols!"

We had a little family night following the outline given here (the section titled "Suggested Lesson Part 2: Celebration").