Thursday, December 10, 2009

ten. ollie.

"Let's go to the movies!"

(Aren't we adorable in our 3-D glasses? I'm just sad they aren't cardboard dealies with red and blue lenses.)

So we went to see Disney's A Christmas Carol. I had heard that some of it wasn't great for little kids, and I figured, "Yeah, Marley's ghost and the spooky Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come are always a little scary for kids, but hey... it's an animated Disney film. How bad can it be?"

Bad. Don't take your kids to this one. Really.

Here's a breakdown of the movie, which left Zach with a shaky voice, sweaty palms, and fingers in his ears:

3% Cute, clever bits

6% Random weird things thrown in

16% Fabulous animation and 3-D effects

32% Classic Dickens (aka dark and depressing, but with great morals)

43% Creeeepy (bordering on terrifying for children)

I love A Christmas Carol, but we will stick with the classic versions.

P.S. Zach was incredibly hyper and over-stimulated until we got started on his bedtime routine, but he says he had a fun evening. We saw some puppies and read a little James Herriot to end the night. It's all good.


Jeanette and Jason said...

Yeah the movie was pretty good but not really for children. Especially in the theater. There were parts that creeped me out and was way to loud for me even. The picture is cute though. You are right - would have been better with the red and blue. :)

kirsten said...

Aha! good to know that my suspicions were confirmed! I just thought that movie looked horrible! Jim Carrey as Scrooge is kinda a brilliant idea, though - had it been live action I would have given it a chance, but as it is all realistic/freaky computery I say NAY! It looks like the Polar Express - which still holds the title of Worst. Movie. Ever. in my book.

kirsten said...

p.s. you guys do look super cute, though!