Thursday, December 3, 2009

three. ollie.

"Let there be light. Let's open up this box!"

I've been trying to come up with some ideas to add some calm and reverence to Zach's day, particularly at bedtime. So today we added a new bit to our bedtime routine... nightlight time. After playtime with Daddy, scriptures, and prayer, we light the lantern (which I ordered from Lehman's) and turn off all other lights. Then I sit with him on the bed so I can read to him and we can discuss whatever's on his mind before lights out.

I came back early from an activity so we could do that tonight, and while it started off a little muddled and confused, I'm so glad I was here for it. Because as soon as the lantern was lit and we were sitting there together, Zach snuggled up next to me and gave me happy little grins.

I think we're really going to like this.

(Oh, and no... that flame was not really that big and scary in real life.)


kirsten said...

LOVE this. so much. We have been really strict nighttime routine people since T was a baby. But now that you mention it, it's when the lights are out (and I'm ready to go do something else) that my boy wants to talk. Maybe we need something like this...

and way to go for leaving early to be there! sometimes that has to happen.

Mom said...

You make me wish I could go back in time and do better. I'm glad you do the things you do with Zach. I love you.