Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eight. Pip.

"The nature table is still looking very Fall-ish - let's make it look more Christmas-y! Here's a little fox to put on it, too."


Amy said...

So cute. I've got something similar in mind.


1. I tried to get that lego Santa, but it was really expensive on ebay, etc. Any ideas? Also, I never saw the elf... adorable!

2. I LOVE the illustration of the family dancing/running. What book is that?

3. Seashells?

kirsten said...

1 - it is a playmobil santa. And elf. My daughter's friend just gave us that little set.

2 - the book is: Around the Year by Elsa Beskow. This one (except not mini):

there is a spread for every month.

3 - yes, seashells. That jar has had our various nature gatherings for the whole year. time to switch it out...