Friday, December 11, 2009

Ten. Pip.

"Let's decorate the tree when Dad gets home! You can do moon sand while you're waiting."

We braved the 10 degree weather the night before to pick out our tree. That might have been crazy, but ended well.

Somehow this year the kids got tired of decorating the tree after about 20 minutes or so - might have something to do with those Star Wars ornaments I made them last year... they needed to PLAY with them.

But they all played together near the tree, listening to Christmas music, and the 4yo said, "This is the best night ever." (Except say "evvo" to get the full effect).


Amy said...

These pictures are really nice. I love the last one.

Zach would have been playing right along with them.

L's comment reminds me of what Zach said last year...

It makes me happy, seeing our kids enjoy a simple Christmas with so much tradition woven in. They can totally feel it, and it makes all the effort worthwhile.

kirsten said...

so worthwhile. and the kids just LOVE everything about pip - i am forever in your debt, amy!

and thanks for the photo compliments. i've been having photo envy lately, and i figured out that it's probably because pip's usually inside. and i need major help with my inside photos - they stink in general.